Why Invest in Real Estate & PropTech Software Development

Real estate is one of the world's largest industries. It reached $3.88 trillion in 2022 and is set to double by 2030. With the rise of online rentals, tech is your shortcut to gaining a large chunk of this thriving market.

44% of real estate buyers initially seek information online about available properties.

The real estate technology startup sector has grown threefold in the past decade.

73% of new homeowners used smartphones or tablets for property searches.

In 2022, up to 50% of CFOs at commercial real estate businesses planned tech budget increases.

Online rental platforms might secure 20% of all real estate transactions by 2025.

The global real estate technology market is expected to hit $8.9 billion by 2025.

Our Real Estate & PropTech Software Development Services


Good property management software facilitates business growth, 90% of property managers say. Let us build a solution for you to display your assets, facilitate bookings, enable payments, and cover any other needs.

Real estate asset management software development

Bring visibility into your multiple real estate assets and build a solid foundation for further growth. Manage documentation, tenants, budget, maintenance requests, and more with a robust solution.

Real estate investment software development

42% of real estate startups fail due to cash flow issues. Informed investments are key to high profitability. Do property analysis, financial modeling, market research, and beyond with a custom real estate investment tool.

Real estate CRM and ERP software development

Make your real estate business work more efficiently with our real estate CRM and ERP software development services. Streamline tenant management, lead generation, property listing, and other core operations.

Real estate valuation software development

Establish prices that increase asset profitability, retain customers, and provide a competitive edge. Analyze trends, assess investment potential, and identify opportunities with our team's powerful custom valuation tool.

Online marketplace development

With 55% of millennials hunting for rentals online, a listing platform is a proven way to the top. Generate revenue from the real estate industry by building a high-end online marketplace available on all platforms (web, mobile, tablet).

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Secure your share in the thriving property market with our real estate software development services!

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Integrations We Can Implement

We can identify and integrate your proptech solution with any third-party tools, from brokerage management systems to tenant engagement applications, to help you become a market leader through top-notch services backed by technology.






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Why Choose Us for Your Real Estate Software Development Project?


Agile approach

Flexibility is crucial for any business striving to expand and remain relevant. To adapt to your evolving requirements and ever-growing user expectations, we use Scrum. We swiftly implement new features through bi-weekly sprints, ensuring they align with changing market conditions. This agile approach helps you prevent the loss of paying users since they always get what they want from your product and guarantees your product fits your business goals.


Proven expertise

We take pride in 120+ successful tech solutions rollouts and 60+ happy clients across niches, including real estate. We owe this 7-year track record to our well-oiled workflow and hands-on expertise in modern technologies — all you need to build a real estate solution of any complexity, from a simple tenant engagement application to a highly scalable asset management system.


Time- and budget-saving

Our real estate software development services guarantee a swift solution rollout. You can accelerate your time to market by 30% — all thanks to our established, well-coordinated, and efficient processes. Our streamlined workflow comes with considerable cost savings since the experts in our region charge ~2-4 times less than their colleagues from the US and Europe.


Client satisfaction

The real estate business has risks, and you can’t afford glitchy software. At Giraffe Software, our only definition of done is your satisfaction, not just code delivered. Our 100% feedback on Upwork, impressive 5/5 rating on Clutch and GoodFirms, and plenty of projects that have grown into long-term partnerships prove our client-oriented approach.

Custom software development process











Interview & high-level requirements

You present your idea. We evaluate it in your business context, considering the market and competition. Based on the analysis, we outline basic requirements with rough estimates.

UI/UX design & specifications

We generate wireframes reflecting user behavior scenarios and submit future designs for your approval. After getting the green light from you, we develop the prototype in Sketch and detailed specs.


We convert specs into tasks, splitting them into bi-weekly iterations (sprints). Then, we initiate development, keeping you involved through monthly progress updates and feature demos.

Quality assurance

We run your app against recurring sprint, regression (from the second sprint on), and integration tests. Thus, we ensure it performs perfectly and has hacker-proof security.

Delivery & support

We take care of the launch, helping you with graphics, ad texts, and technical nuances. We continue our support post-release based on feedback, analytics, and evolving requirements.

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