Why Invest in eLearning App Development Services

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the educational landscape, making online access to teaching and learning imperative. Today, the eLearning market is exploding and is projected to surge by over 400% by 2030 compared to 2021. Want to seize your share of this lucrative niche? Now is the perfect time to invest in eLearning software development.

More than 90% of students access educational content on their mobile devices.

87% of students say hybrid learning equips them for their future careers.

Duolingo, a popular language-learning app, got 98 million downloads in 2022.

36 edtech unicorns worldwide raised $30+ billion in funding over the last decade.

The game-based learning market is expected to reach $29.7 billion by 2026.

98% of the US-based universities provide online course options.

Our eLearning Software Development Services

eLearning platform development

We can build an engaging and interactive platform offering online courses that will attract millions of students. With our eLearning software development services, you'll extend your business reach and create new revenue streams.

Learning management system development

Need a solution to simplify school or university admin tasks and support remote learning? Excelling at LMS development, we can build a robust LMS platform to support the digital transformation of your educational institution.

Corporate learning portal development

We can develop all kinds of skill enhancement software for employees, whether it's a comprehensive corporate learning portal, employee engagement apps, or anything else your business needs.

Education mobile app development

From fun apps for children to sophisticated corporate training apps and game-based skill-boosting apps, we can create an innovative iOS, Android, or cross-platform eLearning mobile solution for any market niche you target.

School management system development

Our team knows how to help schools simplify the daily grind for teachers, foster better communication with students, and make routine processes more effective with custom school administrative software.

Custom Tutoring app development

Enter the thriving online education market with a high-end tutoring app. Opt for our online tutoring app development services to get a disruptive solution that connects students with tutors and creates a foundation for your business expansion.

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Harness the potential of the booming online education market with our eLearning software development services!

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Integrations We Can Implement

We can identify and integrate any third-party solution into your eLearning product to create more versatile user experiences and set you apart from competitors. Our experts can also help you define what integrations your eLearning app needs to achieve market success.




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Why Choose Us for Your eLearning Software Development Project?


On-time delivery

Getting your eLearning app to market quickly allows you to establish a presence before competitors, secure a larger market share, and generate revenue sooner. With our established processes and well-coordinated team, you can cut the development time by 30% and reap all the benefits of the fast time-to-market.


Flexible cooperation models

Whether you're an established educational institution or an early-stage startup, we can adapt to your needs and budget. Our company offers three cooperation models — time & material, fixed-price, and hybrid — ensuring a seamless partnership that best fits your eLearning software development project.


Effective communication

Our commitment to effective communication means keeping you informed every step of the way. We ensure your vision and feedback are considered, resulting in fruitful cooperation and high-quality project deliverables that meet your expectations. Our proactive approach and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve client satisfaction are reflected in our 5/5 referral rating on Clutch and positive client testimonials.


Cutting-edge tech stack

True innovation is key to standing out in the fiercely competitive eLearning market. And that's precisely where our team excels. We specialize in using the latest technology to develop state-of-the-art products with the power to revolutionize entire industries. Check out our 100% job success rate on Upwork and learn how we help companies succeed with our exceptional tech expertise.

Our eLearning Software Development Process











Interview & high-level requirements

We start by discussing your idea and doing market research. Then, we create high-level requirements, select the most appropriate technology stack, and design a project roadmap.

UI/UX design & specifications

At this stage, our team works on wireframes and a prototype of your future eLearning solution. We also refine the technical requirements to ensure the solution meets your expectations.


Next, we transform your idea into a tangible software solution through a series of 2-week Scrum sprints. After every other spring, we showcase the features we've implemented.

Quality assurance

By running manual and automated tests, we verify that your eLearning product functions as intended. In addition to regular testing after each sprint, we do regression testing after every other sprint and integration testing after the final sprint.

Delivery & support

Finally, we deploy the finished eLearning solution and send you all the necessary technical documentation. Our team can continue to support and maintain your product after the launch if needed.

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