Why Invest in ERP & CRM Application Development: Key Numbers

The business process automation market is forecast to grow to $41.8 billion by 2033, reflecting the vital role of digital transformation in today's rapidly evolving landscape. Investing in custom ERP and CRM systems must be on your agenda if your business remains relevant, profitable, and ready for growth.

The spending on digital transformation worldwide is expected to reach $3.4 trillion by 2026.

91% of businesses with more than 10 employees use CRM solutions.

81% of executives said that business apps are important for company growth.

The average ROI for CRM implementation is $8.71 for each dollar invested.

53% of organizations that incorporated ERP systems use cloud-based solutions.

ERP implementation cuts operational and administrative costs by 23% and 22%, respectively.

Our ERP & CRM Development Services

Custom CRM development services

Excelling at CRM development, our team can build a high-end CRM solution to streamline your customer management, automate workflows, track leads, and enhance sales — all to improve your brand loyalty and increase revenue.

Custom ERP software development services

Boost productivity with our custom ERP development services. We can develop robust ERP solutions accessible on all platforms — web, mobile, tablet — to enable workflow automation, optimize operations, centralize data management, improve reporting, and beyond.

Business automation software development

We can also develop other types of business process automation software. From basic document management tools to sophisticated service operation management solutions — you can count on us for whatever request you have.

maintenance and upgrades

Our CRM and ERP software development services cover post-release support and maintenance. We'll ensure your enterprise software remains up-to-date, secure, and efficient, meeting your evolving needs and helping your business stay productive.

Migration solutions

Our expert team can help you flawlessly migrate between CRMs or ERPs. We'll make all preparations to ensure your data moves securely, no information gets lost, process disruptions are close to zero, and a new system works as intended.

CRM & ERP integration services

We can connect your CRM and ERP systems to streamline processes, cut expenses costs, and enhance data sharing. Our team can also integrate third-party solutions with your CRM and ERP software, enabling your business to operate at peak efficiency and decreasing its variable costs.

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Empower your business for exceptional productivity with a custom ERP/CRM system built up to 30% faster with our well-honed processes!

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Integrations We Can Implement

We can seamlessly integrate any third-party software into your CRM and ERP solutions. No matter your integration needs, we'll ensure your IT ecosystem remains secure, holistic, and efficient, helping your business thrive in the target market.






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Why Choose Us for Your ERP and CRM Development Project?



You can save significant costs by trusting your CRM and ERP software development project with us. Our well-established processes and seamless teamwork enable us to deliver robust software solutions 30% faster. On top of that, we charge ~2-4 times lower rates than developers in the US and Western Europe while offering the same level of expertise and guaranteeing outstanding results.


Advanced security

Security cannot be neglected in a world where the global cost of cybercrime is predicted to skyrocket from $8.44 trillion in 2022 to a staggering $23.84 trillion by 2027. Our team knows how to safeguard your business from current and evolving cyber threats. With an unwavering focus on testing, including vulnerability testing, and stringent adherence to GDPR compliance, we ensure your CRM and ERP systems are resilient and your data remains safe.


Proven expertise

Entrusting your ERP and CRM development project to developers lacking expertise can risk not just your investment but also the future of your business. With over 120 successful tech projects in our portfolio, we are the tech partner you can rely on. Our impressive track record extends to serving over 60 satisfied clients across industries. Our clients on Clutch have consistently rated us with a stellar 5/5 referral rate, while our job success rate on Upwork stands at a flawless 100%.


Result-driven approach

By following a result-driven approach, our team strives to help you gain tangible, meaningful outcomes with the ERP and CRM solutions we build — be it cost reduction, a revenue increase, a larger customer base, or anything else. We also ensure that your business process automation software not only meets your current goals but also aligns with your broader strategy.

Our ERP and CRM Application Development Process











Interview & high-level requirements

First, you share your vision, requirements, and business objectives with us. Based on this information, our team creates high-level technical specifications. We also map out a project plan and give you an initial cost estimate.

UI/UX design & specifications

Next, we create wireframes and a prototype of your future ERP or CRM system. This will give you a better idea of what your software will look like and if any improvements are required. We elaborate on technical specifications.


In the third stage, we get to the coding part and develop your ERP or CRM in 2-week sprints. You can monitor the progress throughout the process. Plus, we show you the implemented features in regular demo meetings after every other sprint.

Quality assurance

We run manual and automated tests to guarantee the high quality of every ERP/CRM component delivered within a sprint. Additionally, we do regression and integration testing to ensure the whole system works flawlessly.

Delivery & support

In the final stage of the ERP and CRM development process, we deploy the software and provide you with all the technical documentation. Our team also offers post-release support and maintenance services.

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