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Stay tuned for PHP 7!
31 Jul 2018

Since 2017 the world have experienced a new trend in developing web applications — PHP 7!

Almost 83% of websites are running on PHP. New version of PHP caused a revolution in the development process, no wonder there was such a buzz around it.

So let’s take a closer look on what have changed in it and how you can benefit from it:

  • New clases, operators, interfaces, global constants and functions were added
  • Changes has been done within the functions and SAPI modules
  • The performance of PHP 7 is twice higher comparing to previous versions as the code base uses much less memory. It also compiles the code into the machine language using the high-speed engine Just In Time (JIT).
  • New types of descriptions are used which greatly simplifies reading the code
  • No white screen when you face an error anymore. PHP 7 throws an exception without stopping the entire script

So if you have not upgrade your website to PHP 7, we highly recommend you to do so to increase the productivity of your web app. Giraffe Software specialists are here to help!