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How to choose a team for your project?
06 Dec 2018

Lots of our customers face issues with choosing the right team for their project. Unfortunately, it’s a common practice when the customer asks us to finish the project after another dev team. We face unclean code, corrupted logic, primitive architecture that gives to option for an app to extend its functionality.


So there are a few tips on how to select the team that will successfully launch your app:


  1. Check their rating and job history. Yes, that obvious. Customers’ feedbacks usually speak for itself.
  2. Check the price range. Good quality work can not be cheap.
  3. Check if the company starts giving you ready-made solutions or advise on the best approach to implementation of required functionality from the first letter/call.
  4. Feel if they really understand your pain and know how to help you, not only close another deal.
  5. Check how transparent the company is. Lots of our customers faced the situation when they contact the company registered in one country (as shown on the profile) but it appears to be the team from another country. Starting your business relationships with a lie is not a good idea.


You can always ask for a virtual tour to meet the whole team. We encourage to take your time and always choose carefully. Best of luck with your projects!