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From Business Idea to Sound Solution
06 Dec 2018

We are frequently asked whether we can create applications like Jira, Tinder, Skype and so on… We usually say that we CAN do that, but WILL NOT.
Why? Not because we are skeptic about our clients’ determination or about profitability of potential products. Every person is worth being listened to and every idea must be discussed. However, we recognize that customers may not realize how much work and investments are needed to complete the application of their dreams.

In this posting, we are offering several techniques of generating ideas, which can result in profitable business and technical solutions. So, let’s start!

1. Think about people.

It’s not about money they can bring for your product. Now forget about income — focus on people’s needs and wants. Be emphatic, look deeper at what they are looking for.

Crazy brainstorming is a MUST! Gather every idea that comes to your mind and don’t dare to filter them!

2. Can you imagine what people want?

If yes — elaborate on your ideas and define the problem/goal, if not — go back to first step.

You should have clear vision of the problem you would like to solve. Be as precise, as possible. After you have defined the problem, assess it using SMART (check if the problem/goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound).

Ask yourself WHY it is needed at least 5 times (yep, it’s a 5 whys technique).

3. Find the root cause of the problem. It’s quite difficult, but dealing with the consequences will not help to solve the problem. Find the first cause.

Besides, it’s a great why to test how strong you are at determining cause and effect. Train your brain!

4. Now you have to generate solutions.

As many, as you can. If you have 5 solutions, generate at least 10.

Have 20 solutions? Good, now assess each of them with your team.

Choose top-5, then top-3, and then narrow your choice to 1 best solution.

5. Prototype it!

Is it a new mobile application — then make 5-paged application and give it to your friends. Listen to them: are they comfortable with your application, maybe they have any complaints or suggestions about how to improve it.

You can save really much time and money by prototyping before implementing.

6. Now your prototype is tested — implement it, if it’s fine.

You know that your product is cool, people like it a lot. What’s next? — Do it. Implement. Choose the best teams, enjoy the process! See how your idea is becoming alive!

This 6-steps guide will help you to make a strong start. Essentially, practice is much more complex than theory, but this short post will help you to become oriented in how ideas work.

If you have passed through these 6 steps and realize that your ideas must be implement we are here to help you!